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Topaz Purple/Blue Feathered Vase Small Vase

  • size - Small
  • height - 6.5 inches
  • width - 3.5 inches
  • diameter - 3.5 inches
Glass Art Style: Vase

Available Styles for this Glass Art Product:
Bubble Bowl
Flat Vase
Flat Long Neck without Handles
Flat Long Neck with Handles
Grecian without Handles
Grecian with Handles
Flat Slender
Slender Vase
Slender Wave
Squat Vase
Tall Wave
Low Wave
Open Bowl
Tall Wave
Top Color Choices for this Glass Art Product:
Purple-nile, marine blue feather
Blue-Purple,topaz feather
Purple Blue Green Feather
Topaz Purple Blue Feather
Green-blue, purple feather

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