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Art Glass Pendant Lighting Style 009 - "Fiesta"
The interior white color reflects the light down and out to illuminate even the most sedate kitchens. It has a carefree sprinkling of summer celebration colors gone riotous. The brilliant teal lip wrap has a coolness that reminds you of the sloshy-tinkling of the ice in a pitcher of margaritas.

This Art Glass shade is named Fiesta.
It has a Fat Bawb shape and stands 9 inches tall with 6 inches at its opening and 5 inches at its shoulder.

Style (shape of glass art as shown): Fat Bawb

Dimensions (for style as shown):
  • height - 9 inches
  • width (at opening) - 5 inches
This handmade glass art lampshade is available in any of the styles below, as well as sconces:
Straight Taper
Fat Bawb
Slim Bawb
Slim Jim
Bell Flair
Tapered Flute
Wide Flute
Hoop Skirt




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