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Carmel Wave

Home Decor Art Glass Pendant Lighting Style 021 - "Carmel Wave"
The Carmel wave cascades over and down a perfect cone of creamy vanilla, serenely calming, relaxing you back into your sunset center. It looks like chocolate tastes.
This Home Decor Art Glass shade is named Carmel Wave. It has a wide straight taper shape and stands 10 inches tall by 5 inches wide at it's opening (it also looks great as a wide flute).

Style (shape of glass art as shown): Straight Taper

Dimensions (for style as shown):
  • height - 10 inches
  • width (at opening) - 5 inches
This handmade glass art lampshade is available in any of the styles below, as well as sconces:
Straight Taper
Fat Bawb
Slim Bawb
Slim Jim
Bell Flair
Tapered Flute
Wide Flute
Hoop Skirt




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