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Make your own Ornament
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Whether you make an ornament, paperweight, or bowl, you get to keep what you make. The piece of art you end up making takes about 24 hours to cool and be ready to pick up or be mailed to your home for a basic shipping fee.
Please call(541-955-0815) to schedule a time for your "Make Your Own" experience.

To participate in the “make your own” program:
1. Pick out color of ornament.
2. Blow the ornament while glassblower makes it.
3. After cooling approximately 1 day, you get to keep ornament.
4. The time involved is about 5 min. and the the cost is $30.
For a little more in-depth program:
1. Pick out what you want to make, ie: a heart paperweight, a pumpkin, a tumbler.
2. You pick out the colors of the object to be made.
3. With assistance, you decorate the object and help in the process.
4. After cooling approximately 1 day, you get to keep the glass.
5. The time involved is about 20 min. and the cost is $50 for the heart, paperweight, or pumpkin. $85 for the tumbler.
Even more:
Ask about making a “ruffled bowl” $100




Making an ornament

Additional Images

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Lee's kids having some fun making an ornament

Rainbow Ornament $30

Heart Paperweight $50

Pumpkin $50

Tumbler $85

Wave Bowl $100

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